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Replacement Merlin Gerin Reflex XC40 Contactor Breakers


Do you need to replace Merlin Gerin Reflex XC40 range combined contactor/circuit breakers?

Merlin Gerin Reflex XC40 Contactor BreakersMerlin Gerin Reflex XC40 Contactor Breakers

Reflex XC40 - by combining contactor and circuit breaker functions in one product, Merlin Gerin reduced the size of panel required. Reflex enjoyed widespread application throughout the UK in command and control applications.

No longer available in the UK via Merlin Gerin, replacement involves installation of separate contactor breaker combinations requiring extra panel space - rarely available without panel replacement - sometimes impossible due to restricted space.

Jemesis are still able to supply new XC40 breakers - here are a selection of available units:-

  • 18124 XC40 2P 10A  C  CONT.220/240
  • 18125 XC40 2P 16A  C  CONT.220/240
  • 18134 XC40 3P 10A  C  CONT.220/240
  • 18135 XC40 3P 16A  C  CONT.220/240
  • 18138 XC40 3P 32A  C  CONT.220/240
  • 18139 XC40 3P 40A  C  CONT.220/240
  • 18144 XC40 4P 10A  C  CONT.220/240
  • 18145 XC40 4P 16A  C  CONT.220/240

Other combinations/part references also available.

Contact Jemesis for further details.

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