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Need more space?

Have some ideas but need to get them down on paper? Looking for inspiration?
Not sure if you need planning permission?

About to start repairs and need advice regarding Building Regulations?

Just some of the ways Jemesis can help you with your project!


There are 2 stages you need to consider:-

Obtaining Permission

What you want to do may be covered under permitted development. In that case a questionnaire and some drawings sent to the Planning Department are all that you’ll need to get the go-ahead. If not, you will need to apply for planning permission.

Either way, Jemesis survey your property and draw up all the necessary plans and drawings.
We’ll offer you several design options to choose between and discuss all aspects so you can make an informed decision on the best design for you. We’ll then submit your application for you, or hand over the drawings if you prefer to apply yourself.

What you will need




Location Plan


Site Plan Existing

Site Plan proposed

Plans & Elevations Existing

Plans & Elevations Proposed

Design to Meet Approved Documents in Force


Structural Calculations*


Drainage Plan Existing


Drainage Plan Proposed


Building Control Approval

With the way clear to go ahead with the design, or if you plan to repair any of the roof, walls, or floors, you’ll need drawings for building control approval.

  1. Jemesis take the drawings we’ve already prepared for planning (or your own) and prepare construction detail drawings and plans so you can gain building control approval for matters such as structure, insulation, ventilation, fire safety etc.
  2. We consider your budget, finish preferences and preferred choice of builder so that the detail of construction meets your needs.
  3. We can give you guidance on costs, timescales and help you select the best type of builder for your project

Whatever your budget, Jemesis will create a design that makes the most of planning regulations, can be economically built and still complies with Building Control.

If you live in Shropshire,  Staffordshire,  or the West Midlands, Give us a call to get the ball rolling - 01952 820342

We also undertake distance design work and have designed houses to be built as far away as Africa so why not give us a call anyway.

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